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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Generally we are driven by comparison. If our neighbour brings home a new thing, our heart craves to possess that thing. This thought is purely mechanical and wisdom should prevail all times. Suppose, if you don't have means to buy that thing, you just throw a tantrum on everyone who comes your way.

I don't straightway ask you to live the life of hermit and that may not be possible or advisable for majority of the folks. The substance is simple. Better to compare with people of less privileged. Whenever such thought crops up your mind, just shut that thought and think of the fate of people living in utter poverty in your neighbourhood.

Anupam Kher, the best character artist of Bollywood in his book " The Best Thing About You is You!" says that

" I would like to share with you a beautiful thought, which I came to know many years ago and which has stayed with me : I always longed for a pair of shoes, until I saw someone with no feet. The powerful imagery of this humbling thought has always stayed with me. So too is a Gandhian saying "There is enough for the world's needs, but not enough for the world's greed."
You can lead a decent life with minimum possessions. Once a man or woman crosses forty, this wisdom must prevail. We must learn not only from the experience of ours but from other people's experiences which offer insights to lead a happy life. Like Anupam suggested, you must feel blessed with what life offered to you and there lies wisdom with minimal needs without pomp and show!

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