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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We, the humans are special from all other life on Earth. In each of us, there is an inner hunger to excel in every activity we undertake. Perhaps the seeds for such urge are planted in the mother's womb itself.

Are we really tapping the full potential of our brains for which they are made?

Once this question hunts your mind, it will take you on the growth path. The desire to think the best, do the best naturally comes in gaped cycles for all of us. From Greek times to till
date, human thought has taken interesting twists and turns. Each man interpreted life according to his/her own experience and formulated theories/ ideologies that tangled with religion. This made a mess out of it. What lies beyond our petty lives and what is the scheme of this visible universe and how can we achieve eternal happiness, these are the questions one must ask internally. In fact these are the spiritual questions and to reach to this level one needs a lot of wisdom.
Once, the basic survival needs are catered , it should be everybody's job to expand the wisdom horizon. One who seeks it passionately definitely unlocks the secrets of life and he or she also finds better ways to lead a happy life.

For a man of mid-forties like me, it is a perfect a time to tread a spiritual path. In my quest to find answers to some of life's hunting questions, I need to take the aid of latest science & technology with a right blend of ancient wisdom both East & West.

I jot down my insights, experiences of wisdom masters not only to rejuvenate myself but inspire like minded people. Wisdom denotes the highest state of mind and Everest represents the highest peak on Earth. So everybody's goal must be to climb the Wisdom Everest !

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