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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


My Goals
The other day when I browsed the morning headlines in the newspaper, one piece of news caught my eye. It suggested some mobile app to accomplish New Year Resolutions in a time-bound action plan. I laughed myself the way technology is suggested to strengthen our inner resolve.

We are already having superior technology inside each of us which converts the 'bread into blood'. What we need is only a convincing reason with full heart to achieve the goals.

I don't think you need a mobile app to achieve your goals, What I suggest you is invest Rs.200/- to purchase a small whiteboard and hang it into your study/ living room. There write your goals with a deadline. Once you write the goals, see the board as frequently as possible during the day, it would strengthen your resolve and auto programme your mind to work towards the goals.
I think this whiteboard is the most workable formula to me a. Don't clutter that board with lengthy resolutions. Write each goal/resolution in two or three words with timeline. Don't write more than 5 Resolutions. Why 'Five', because you have five fingers so that you can instantly remember them easily when you are out of board's sight. Seeing the white board on daily basis would train your mind in accepting them for accomplishment.

Split each goal/resolution into workable actions with clear deadline and when you achieve even a small part of that goal, announce to the world or your near and dear ones about your achievement so that their words of appreciation ignite you further in achieving your leftover goals.

Instead of downloading mobile apps for New Year Resolutions/ Goals, take a snapshot of your goals written on the whiteboard with your mobile phone and review it frequently even during 'on-the-go.

Some months back, I opened a notebook naming it "Black Book' in which I elaborately wrote what are my strengths and weaknesses and what are my goals to be achieved. The following is a rundown of my Goals:

1) Physical FitnessGoals - Healthy life

2) Intellectual Goals - Utilize all my Inner Resources/ talents the Creator has endowed me

3) Children Career Goals - Make them worthy of society

4) Financial Goals - Wealth at a comfortable level

5) Relationship/ Family /Welfare Goals - Good Samaritan

Under each primary goal, there are sub-goals which must be diligently written in a notebook meant for your goals like I did in my Black Book where you need to give ‘timeline’ for each sub-goal. Some action under all five categories need to be taken on daily basis and should be reviewed daily/weekly/fortnightly.

I also made up my mind to devote more time for 'meditation' which I somewhat neglected so that my 'my present moment awareness or mindfulness' increases and thereby help in achieving my goals!

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