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Thursday, January 8, 2015


The other day, I fell ill, because, I ate cold curd in the mid-afternoon. My gut feeling said not to accept curd, but impulse drove me to take and I bore the brunt of the situation. A sore throat accompanied by stomach ache showed me the hell last night.

After a long time, I was plagued by ill-health on so flimsy ground and I must tighten my belt. What I realized after deep contemplation is that my mouth is my guard post and the sentry there should be much more alert to protect the treasure called: Stomach. I took the vow that I should be cautious for such faulty decisions.

Being happy and falling ill takes a fraction of the second. Though Nature is offering so many lessons, I rather half-shut my eyes so far. This is the time to be conscious at every moment.

Now I am almost on fast during day time, as I am taking only fruits in my lunch break. What I see is that I feel uncontrollable pangs of hungry at 6 pm in the evening and I must be alert and not to eat junk food during those crucial hours.

In fact, taking healthy food is a moment-to-moment decision and I need to take with profound wisdom. Now I am 44 and drifted away with city life which forced me to speed up all my daily routine activities. It is time for introspection to take leisurely bite.

Health experts say that having realized what went wrong would put you on a higher pedestal.

The umbrella rule for taking food is this: Take food as medicine, otherwise, you are bound to take medicine as food.

I swear that from now onwards, I ask my stomach's advice of what food should I take to remain healthy. This is the so significant step in my higher elevation in the path of wisdom!

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