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Tuesday, June 16, 2020


The other day, I fell ill, because, I ate cold curd in the mid-afternoon.   My gut feeling said not to take the curd,  but impulse drove me and I  bore the brunt of the situation.  A sore throat accompanied by stomach ache showed me the  hell.  

After a long time, I was plagued by ill-health on so flimsy ground  and I decided to tighten my belt. What I realized after deep contemplation  is that my mouth is my guard post and  the sentry there should be much more  vigilant to protect the treasure called: Stomach.  I took the vow to be more cautious  for such faulty decisions.
Being happy and falling  ill takes a fraction of second.  Though Nature is offering so many lessons, I rather half-shut my eyes so far.  This is the time to be conscious enough at every moment.

What I see is that  I feel uncontrollable pangs of hunger at 6 pm in the evening and I must be alert  and not to eat junk food  during those crucial hours. 
Health experts say that  realizing what goes  wrong would put you on a higher pedestal.  The umbrella rule for taking food is this: Take food as medicine, otherwise, you are bound to take medicine as food.