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Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Being advanced in spiritual life means, fully ripened with wisdom.  In fact, it has no fixed meaning. It is the summation of your matured conduct at every moment. Whenever, I think of  wisdom, this quote of American  educator and writer David Starr Jordan (1851-1931)  resonates my mind: 

Wisdom is knowing what to do next,
skill is knowing how to do it,
and virtue is doing it.

Jordan's definition of wisdom is 150% correct. Your decision-making ability  is directly linked to the wisdom you accumulate in life.  Age is not a barometer of wisdom, rather it is your intensity of effort to learn.  

Being too much bookish is of no avail to you.  Unless you are pragmatic with your knowledge, it will not elevate you.

Generally, we  judge others constantly,  and if such  energies are  diverted inward for our own personal growth, no doubt that life exuberates with joy.  

Wisdom means feeling blessed  all the times both in  happy and sorrow moments. Each of us is unique and it is better not to fall into comparison mania every time, especially on material aspects.   

Osho says, The more one moves towards one's centre, the nearer one comes to the essential.  As we move towards the periphery.   The more we talk about external happenings, the more there is the coincidence.   When we talk about inner phenomena, things begin to appear scientific, as if based on a certain law, and they become increasingly decisive.

He further says that between these two conditions - the essential and the peripheral - there is ample room for changes through the exercise of choice.  He, a person of knowledge makes the correct choice, while a person who is without knowledge, who is in the darkness of ignorance, drifts to his destiny.    

Wisdom means standing at a correct vantage point where there is no superior or inferior. It is simply respecting life in whatever form it is.

Real growth starts only when your physical growth stops.  Up to 30 -35 hormones hijack you, but as their impact  slowly dies down in early 40s, man slides into the contemplative mode.  Wisdom is the compass  for  proper direction in life.   It is simply not  adding  years to  life,  but reaching the ultimate goal: Happiness and this possibility is available for each of us !