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Tuesday, June 16, 2020


A dictionary defines  'God'  as "the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe."  It says that the word 'God' was first used before the 12th century (source: Merriam-Webster online dictionary)   But Indian Ancient Texts,  Vedas  proclaimed about God, Universe much earlier i.e. in 1500-1200 BCE (source :

The Bing Bang theory says that the origin of this Universe is 13.8 billion years ago (source: Wikipedia).   Joel Primack in his much-acclaimed work: The View from the Centre of the Universe  says  that the visible universe is only 4 %.  Dark matter  is  of 26% and dark energy 70%  and their characteristics are that they would be detected only through gravitational  effects. They don't emit electro-magnetic radiation.  Why they are like that is not fully understood. 

Deepak Chopra, the American - Indian doctor who  spent a considerable amount of his life time studying  the science and religious texts   says  that the essential stuff of the universe is non-stuff.  He further says that matter is made up of molecules - atoms moving around in huge empty space with lightning speed.  

The more you study the science, the deeper would be the mystery.  Deepak says that the cosmic horizon is  about 47 billion light years which is continuously expanding. He also says that there are roughly about 500 billion galaxies in the universe.  To  understand the arithmetics of the universe at this grand scale is very difficult.

 We have so many intricacies in the present theories.  Scientists when they start calculating time backwards faced utter difficulty to  go  beyond 1043  seconds which is known as  Plank epoch.  Because their theories and calculations would stop working at that stage,  because natural laws stop working beyond that point and the state of the universe before that  point of time might be  a thick quantum soup.

Not only that  we are shrouded with so many mysteries within  our own bodies. You cant forecast the future.  The natural calamities, sudden deaths of people prematurely should not be dismissed as casual happenings and such incidents need to be weighed from the spiritual perspective.

In the midst of all these unknowns, if the man earnestly tries  to make a self-search,  he may find  answers.  Since he is the crown of creation on the Earth, there is no doubt to call the man  the creative expression of God!