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Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Let your neighbors discover you before you make yourself known to them. 

                         - Zen wisdom on modesty 

Generally there is a tendency in all of us to show to the world that we are great and unique  and there is nothing wrong with it.  But the problem  with  majority of folks is they want  frequent validation from  outside world to gauge  their self-worth.  A  person who wants to  grow  spiritually must not cling to this trait.

Zen wisdom offers more such insights on life.  In fact, it is a  school of Mahayana Buddhism  that was developed in China during the 6th century.  It emphasizes  the value of meditation and intuition to grow  spiritually. It recommends  that we, instead of mere  ritual worship or study of scriptures must transcend to a level where our life exuberates  with joy at every moment. 

The word  Zen, in fact, originated  from  Sanskrit root word Dhyana which means meditation.

 Do we really care ourselves to grow in life in terms of abilities and talents the Creator has endowed ?   Many complain that they  are riddled with so many  problems in life which if we see in correct perspective, are not problems but opportunities.

Experience defines our quality life.  If the experience is sore, we naturally switch to an  action  which  gives  joy.  The  experience is the lens through which we discriminate people, choices and situations. That lens could turn into  your third eye and guide you if  you  keep it clean with the path shown by  Wisdom Masters.      

Success and Spirituality go hand in hand.  Those who are successful are more spiritual because they know the impermanence of success and they profoundly believe in a Higher Power that dictates their destiny.

What is  success ?   Anthony Robbins, America's prominent personality development guru says that "success is the result of the good judgement; good judgement is the result of experience; and experience is often the result of bad  judgement.

How you perceive the bad experience is all that matters.   Why Buddha  is often talked about?   Because, he is the person who worked on his own mind before he shared that wisdom with  the world.  His words: better to win over yourself than to win a thousand battles'  illustrate the point of how difficult it is to control the mind.

Is there any connection between game and spirituality.  The answer is obviously ''yes''.  Experts say that if there is any game that inculcates spirituality, it is Golf.  Amy Alcott, an American professional golfer and golf course designer who won five championships quotes that "Golf is a spiritual game. It is like Zen.  You have to let your mind take over.

We have very prominent golfers amongst them is Deepak Chopra, the famous Indian-American  doctor  and rock star of spirituality.  He  wrote a book "Golf for Enlightenment: The Seven Lessons for the Game of Life.'' which is one of the best sellers.

Modesty is the key to  Zen way of living. If you give too many swings to happier moments, then you are bound to let down in moments of sorrow.  Striking a perfect balance to dualities is where the wisdom lies and Buddha is a state of mind, which is a possibility field open to everyone!